Adelaide Proteomics Centre, Gastric Cancer in Mice, Processed MALDI-TOF MS

2017-08-08T00:16:57Z (GMT) by Megan Penno Tyman Stanford
The dataset is an R file called GC.RData. This file consists of two data frames, called dd and metaDF. dd contains 159 numeric observations of protein intensity (from a mass spectrometer) on 1080 blood serum samples from 40 mice. The different protein peak intensities are arranged and labelled by mass/charge ratio. Some of the observations are missing, and are recorded as NA values. The object metaDF contains metadata for each of the 1080 samples which consists of a record of mouse replicate number, mouse genotype group, mass spectrometer chip number, the sample location on the chip, and the scanning order of the mass spectrometer's laser on the chip.