Hydroclimatology data collected from a variety of third party sources

2017-08-07T00:48:07Z (GMT) by Seth Westra
This collection contains datasets used by the University of Adelaide hydroclimatology group, most of which has been obtained from third-party providers. Data include: <br>(1) Australian rainfall data (from 20,000 gauges at resolutions down to 5 minutes) from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology <br>(2) Radar data (three-dimensional images from radar) from the Bureau of Meteorology <br>(3) Climate model data from the Climate Model Intercomparison Project(CMIP) (http://cmip-pcmdi.llnl.gov/cmip5/) <br>(4) Regional climate model outputs from the University of NSW <br>(5) Australian catchment classifications <br>(6) Australia-wide data on soil type, etc. (various GIS layers) <br>(7) Australian Geofabric (Bureau of Meteorology) <br>(8) Historical cyclone coordinates <br>(9) Evaporation, pressure, humidity, temperature, sunshine hours <br>(10) Sea surface temperature data <br>(11) American hourly rainfall and temperature data<br><br>Greater than 1TB of data. Mostly text files and netCDF format.



CC BY 4.0