Making Babies in the 21st Century

<p>The Robinson Research Institute hosted the 5th annual <i>Making Babies in the 21st Century</i> public forum in October 2017 in Adelaide.<br><br></p><p>This event was hosted by Amanda Blair and featured the following presenters:</p><ul><li>Louise Johnson – <em>Your Fertility Potential – helping people to conceive and have a healthy baby</em></li><li>Prof Rob Norman – <em>…and would you like IVF with that?</em></li><li>Dr Deirdre Zander-Fox – <em>Inside the IVF Lab: What’s Hot and what’s Not</em></li><li>Dr Renae Fernandez – <em>Shift work and women’s fertility</em></li><li>Dr John Schjenken – <em>How everyday chemicals impact fertility and pregnancy</em></li></ul>