Particle Size and Morphological Effects on Surface Catalysis with ZIF-8

<p>Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of versatile, highly porous materials whose structure and modifiable internal (pore)/external (surface) chemical environments make them amenable for a wide range of applications including gas storage and catalysis. [1] Recently, particle size has been shown to impact the physical and structural properties of MOFs; therefore careful consideration of the particle size and surface chemistry of MOFs must considered when examining a MOF for a specific application. [2] MOFs have been utilised for a number of heterogeneous catalytic pathways, but few studies have focused on the interplay of particle size and the surface chemistry of MOFs on their catalytic activity.</p> <p> </p> <p>This contribution will present a recent project focused on surface catalysis with MOFs. Zeolitic imidazole framework (ZIF-8) has shown potential for Lewis acid/base surface-catalysed reactions, for example the Knoevenagel condensation and transesterifcation of triglycerides for the production of biodiesel. [3] The impact of particle size and morphology on the catalysis of a transesterification reaction at the surface of ZIF-8 will be discussed.</p> <p> </p> <p><b>References</b></p> <p>[1] H. Furukawa, K. E. Cordova, M. O'Keeffe and O. M. Yaghi, <i>Science</i>, <b>2013</b>, 341, 974.</p> <p>[2] a) O. M. Linder-Patton, W. M. Bloch, C. J. Coghlan, K. Sumida, S. Kitagawa, S. Furukawa, C. J. Doonan, C. J. Sumby, <i>CrystEngComm</i>,<i> </i><b>2016,</b> <i>18</i>, 4172-4179. b) Y. Sakata, S. Furukawa, M. Kondo, K. Hirai, N. Horike, Y. Takashima, H. Uehara, N. Louvain, M. Meilikho, T. Tsuruoka, S. Isoda, W. Kosaka, O. Sakata, S. Kitagawa, <i>Science</i>,<i> </i><b>2013,</b> <i>339</i>, 193-196.</p> <p>[3] a) U. P. N. Tran, K. K. A. Le, , N. T. S. Phan, <i>ACS Catalysis</i>,<i> </i><b>2011,</b> <i>1</i>, 120-127. b) C. l. Chizallet, S. Lazare, D. Bazer-Bachi, F. Bonnier, V. Lecocq, E. Soyer, A.-A. Quoineaud, N. Bats, <i>J. Am. Chem. Soc.</i>,<i> </i><b>2010</b>, <i>132</i>, 12365-12377.</p>