This poster summarises our Honours research on retrofitting heritage listed unreinforced masonry structures with carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP).<div><br></div><div>More specifically, we experimentally performed 15 single shear pull tests on masonry bricks; 5 of which were retrofitted with a CFRP plate, 5 with a mechanical anchor and 5 retrofitted with both. A numerical analysis was undertaken using what's known as the 'Partial interaction model'. This successfully modelled the experimental load-slip behaviour recorded for the series retrofitted with both the plate + anchor.</div><div><br></div><div>Lastly, we used the aforementioned information and developed a load displacement model for a retrofitted <i>wall</i>. This involved capturing principles of rigid body motion, geometry and statics and is a simplified approach for the analysis of the wall for a 1 strip FRP retrofit.</div>