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Australian Cereal Rust Control Program - Cereal Germplasm Planting Records 1991-2022

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posted on 2023-10-08, 05:45 authored by Ian Dundas, Peng Zhang, Julia Humphries

Planting records, including pedigree information and crossing numbers, for cereal plants grown between 1991 and 2022 during research conducted by the University of Adelaide under the Australian Cereal Rust Control Program.

The Excel spreadsheet Planting Records 1991-2022.xlsx contains the dates of planting, the pedigree (together with crossing numbers), and the plant/pot numbers for the plantings, with each separate year catalogued in a separate tab of the spreadsheet.


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Australian Cereal Rust Control Program - Novel sources of stem rust resistance from uncultivated wild relatives of wheat

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University of Adelaide Waite Campus, Urrbrae SA.

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