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CPT Data (South Parklands)

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posted on 2017-09-14, 05:26 authored by Mark JaksaMark Jaksa
These data files contain cone penetration test (CPT) measurements performed in Keswick Clay, in the South Parklands in Adelaide, South Australia, by Dr. Mark Jaksa, as part of his PhD research. The files are in ASCII format, with the first column containing depth below the ground surface (mm) to the tip of the cone penetrometer; the second containing cone tip resistance values, qc (MPa); and the third, sleeve friction values, fs (kPa). The data are spaced at depth increments of approximately 5 mm and to a total depth of around 5 m. The CPTs were all performed within a 50 m x 50 m area. Details and locations of the data are given in Chapters 3 and 4 of Dr. Jaksa's PhD thesis, the reference for which is given below.