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Edwards et al. C-BARQ data used in investigating risk factors contributing to dogs fearful of the vet

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posted on 2019-07-11, 05:32 authored by Petra Edwards, Susan HazelSusan Hazel, Michelle McArthurMichelle McArthur, Bradley P. Smith, James A. Serpell, Matthew Browne

In the current study, we investigated the risk factors associated with fear during veterinary examination and in novel situations (including first time at the veterinary clinic) from 26,555 responses in the Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire database. According to their guardians, 41% of companion dogs displayed mild to moderate fearful behaviour when examined by a veterinarian, and 14% exhibited severe or extreme fear in the same context. Predictors of fear during veterinary examination included: the dog’s breed group, their history of roles or activities, where they were sourced, their weight, the age of other dogs in the household and dog owner experience. However, combined these risk factors only explain a total of 7% of variance of fear observed during veterinary examination, suggesting other factors (e.g. human-animal interactions or clinic environment) may have a larger impact on dog experience in the veterinary context.

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