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ForceID Dataset A

posted on 26.08.2022, 00:01 authored by Kayne DuncansonKayne Duncanson, Simon ThwaitesSimon Thwaites, David Booth, Ehsan AbbasnejadEhsan Abbasnejad, William Robertson, Dominic ThewlisDominic Thewlis


Force ID Dataset A (the dataset for ‘Deep Metric Learning for Scalable Gait Based Person Re-identification Using Force Platform Data’) will be posted shortly. Please see version 3 for the dataset used in the TechRxiv pre-print article, 'The Most Discriminant Components of Force Platform Data for Gait Based Person Re-identification' (10.36227/techrxiv.16683229.v1).


Improving the functional outcomes of lower limb orthopaedic surgery

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