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Global Wine Markets, 1860 to 2016: A Statistical Compendium

posted on 2017-12-13, 04:30 authored by Kym AndersonKym Anderson, Signe Nelgen, Vicente Pinilla
The Wine Economics Research Centre has produced this latest edition of global wine statistics, in a major revision, update and backdate of the preceding issue of the Global Wine Markets statistical compendium.

The following files can be downloaded from the Compendium web page:
Front pages - list of tables, technical notes, abbreviations, statistical sources, and authors’ preface. [pdf 28 pages, 2477kB]

Charts: Global wine markets at a glance [pdf 28 pages, 2477kB]

I. Global wine markets, 2014-16 [pdf 7 pages, 228kB; Excel 82kB]

II. Wine markets by country: annual data, 2006 to 2016 [pdf 120 pages, 7207kB; Excel 2370kB]

III. Wine markets by country: decadal data, 1860s to 2016 [pdf 173 pages, 7937kB; Excel 1184kB]

IV. Wine bilateral trade, country by region, 1990 to 2016 [pdf 85 pages, 4790kB; Excel 874kB]

V. Wine bilateral trade, country by country, 2016 [pdf 57 pages, 1839kB; Excel 440kB]

VI. Wine and other alcohol consumption taxes, 2008, 2012 and 2014 [pdf 4 pages, 145kB; Excel 20kB]

VII. Wine and other (tax-inclusive) retail beverage consumption expenditure, 2001 to 2015 [pdf 26 pages, 2980kB; Excel 593kB]

VIII. Indexes of intensity and similarity in alcohol consumption volume, by region, 1961 to 2015 [pdf 11 pages, 635kB; Excel 133kB]

IX. Indexes of intensity, similarity and quality of alcohol consumption, by country, 2001 to 2015 [pdf 14 pages, 1558kB; Excel 299kB]

X. Earlier total and bilateral wine trade data and alcohol taxes, 1323 to 1940 [pdf 19 pages, 720kB; Excel 126kB]


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