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Gruiformes collapsed (merged) R1 and R2 sequencing reads

posted on 2019-02-12, 06:35 authored by Alexander Boast, Brendan Chapman, Michael Herrera, Trevor Worthy, Paul Scofield, Alan JD Tennyson, Peter Houde, Michael Bunce, Alan Cooper, Kieren MitchellKieren Mitchell
Collapsed (merged) Illumina R1 and R2 reads for Aptornis defossor (NMNZ S23033), Aptornis otidiformis (DM8046), Aramus gaurauna (USNM 614588), Canirallus oculeus (USNM 304071), Psophia crepitans (no voucher), and Sarothrura rufa (USNM 527273). Single-end reads for Aptornis otidiformis (CM AV.18536). Residual adapter sequences have been removed (using AdapterRemoval or Geneious).