Pastor WGS vs IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 Genome Assembly

WGS reads of Pastor ( were aligned against the IWGSC Triticum aestivum Chinese Spring RefSeq v1.0 genome assembly using Minimap2. These BAM files (.bam) and index files (.bam.bai) are provided together with a summary of read alignment coverage bigWig files ( SNP variants were called from these BAM files to generate VCF files (.bam.vcf.gz) and index files (.bam.vcf.gz.tbi) and are provided together with a summary of SNP density (SNPs per 10 kbp) bigWig files ( VCF files contain the following filter values and corresponding meaning: PASS = high quality (Q>=30) homozygous; Het = high quality (Q>=30) heterozygous; LowQualHom = low quality (Q<30) homozygous; LowQualHet = low quality (Q<30) heterozygous. Files are provided separately for each chromosome part.