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Phototactic tails manuscript ESM-Files

Electronic supporting information for paper:

Phototactic tails: Evolution and molecular basis of a novel sensory trait in sea snakes

Authors: Jenna M. Crowe-Riddell, Bruno F. Simões, Julian C. Partridge, David M. Hunt, Steven Delean, Julian G. Schwerdt, James Breen, Alastair Ludington, David J. Gower, Kate L. Sanders


ESM File 1: containing maximum likelihood gene trees in .fasta and .nex format shows relationship among putative phototaxis sea snake transcripts and phototaxis genes from representative vertebrate lineages.

ESM File 2: containing transcriptomes for sea snake tissues assembled using Trinity pipeline. Note: Embargo on A. laevis Eye Assembly.

ESM File 3: containing R script for generating MDS plot & FPKM heatmap, TPM matrix for each sea snake transcriptome created using Salmon

ESM File 4: Tail-injuries.xlsx containing raw data of tail damage in museum specimens of sea snakes.

ESM File 5: Beh-exp.xlsx containing raw and summary data for beahvioural experiments of 17 individuals from eight species of sea snake.

ESM File 6. containing examples of tail phototaxis in sea snakes

ESM File 7. containing examples of body phototaxis in sea snakes.

ESM File 8. RNA-sequencing raw reads