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Raspberry Pi Dark Current Images - Camera 01, 05 and 06.

posted on 2019-04-06, 08:27 authored by Richard Matthews, Nickolas FalknerNickolas Falkner, Matthew SorellMatthew Sorell
Various single frame images taken with a Raspberry Pi V2 camera at controlled temperatures over the range 10-50°C

The set contains 4,050 dark frame images in total stored in TIFF format. Each image is approximattely 16.2MB in size. Each camera set is approximately 22GB in size (excluding additional reimaged sets).

Research Methodology for obtaining these images can be read in arXiv:1901.02113.

The dataset only contains images taken on cameras 01, 05 and 06 due to technical reasons as described in the linked paper.

File structure:
Each compressed folder contains one camera's data. Each Subfolder contains dark frames taken at the specific temprature as described in the above reference. DarkCurrent10 would be 10degC. This folder then contains a folder named TIFF which contains 150 images. The image is stored as a file name "BAYERYYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.tiff" where YYYY, MM, DD, HH, MM, SS represent standard ISO time stamp format.

The temperature of each image is stored in the additional file "temperatures.txt" which can be loaded as a csv. The temperature value recorded in this file represents the temperature of the MCP9808 adjacent to the image sensor via the metalic finger as per arXiv:1901.02113.

Example Tree for Raspi01
|-- DarkCurrent10
| |--TIFF
| | |-- BAYER20181105-133527.tiff
| | |-- BAYER20181105-133527.tiff
| | | ...
| | |-- BAYER20181105-133527.tiff
| |
| |-- temperatures.txt
|-- DarkCurrent15
|-- DarkCurrent20
|-- DarkCurrent25
|-- DarkCurrent30
|-- DarkCurrent35
|-- DarkCurrent40
|-- DarkCurrent45
|-- DarkCurrent50


This research is supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship.