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Spencer Gulf threat activity spatial layers

posted on 2018-01-09, 02:29 authored by Alice JonesAlice Jones, Zoe Doubleday, Thomas ProwseThomas Prowse, Kathryn H. Wiltshire, Marty R. Deveney, Tim Ward, Sally L. Scrivens, Phillip Cassey, Laura G. O'Connell, Bronwyn GillandersBronwyn Gillanders
This file set includes:

32 raster spatial data layers (scaled to be between 0 and 1) for 32 human activities that were considered as potential threats to marine ecosystems in a cumulative impact assessment of Spencer Gulf in South Australia. The treats are mostly human activities (such as fishing and coastal development), but also include climate change. Each raster data layer has an associated projection file with the same filename.

32 tiff images showing plots of each threat mapped across the Spencer Gulf study area (illustrating what the data look like when plotted).

A metadata excel file with details about each threat layer, including data sources and native resolution, as well as details on abbreviations used.

A metadata (read me) text file with information about the spatial data files and the projections - as well as sources of further information.