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Spencer gulf marine ecosystem map layers

posted on 2018-01-09, 02:25 authored by Alice JonesAlice Jones, Zoe Doubleday, Thomas ProwseThomas Prowse, Kathryn H. Wiltshire, Marty R. Deveney, Tim Ward, Sally L. Scrivens, Phillip Cassey, Laura G. O'Connell, Bronwyn GillandersBronwyn Gillanders
This file set includes:

Two raster datasets of marine ecosystems in Spencer Gulf produced for a cumulative impact assessment. There is one raster for the benthic ecosystems and one for the pelagic ecosystem. For each of the rasters there is an associated projection file with the same name.

Two tiff files of the ecosystem maps (illustrating what they look like when plotted)

A metadata text file with details of the spatial data layers and their projection - as well as sources of further information.