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posted on 2023-04-06, 03:51 authored by Angus NixonAngus Nixon

Detailed fission track age data for each sample. 238U refers to the measured 238U concentration for each grain in ppm with SD = 1σ uncertainty. Ns represents the number of counted tracks. Area = the size of the counted area in cm2. Rho s = the spontaneous fission track density. t(Ma) is the calculated fission track age for each grain in Ma with SD = 1σ age uncertainty. 

Detailed fission track length data for each analysed confined fission track. Length values are given in µm. Azimuth is the angle to the c-axis and Dip is the angle to the surface (both in °). Dpar are given as grain averages with 1σ standard deviations in µm. 


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