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PAPER was designed for an exhibition titled Fusion of Horizons at the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, curated by Amit Srivastava and Cole Roskam.

Two different types of paper hang in space. This simple gesture of hanging paper allows the paper to express the subtle nature of the being. One kind of paper may seem soft against light almost absorbing it and the shadow becomes fuzzier. It may also feel warmer and flexible to the touch. While the other paper appears sharper and brighter against light, almost reflecting rather than accepting. It may be colder and harder to the touch. These two different types of paper have different expressions, as subtle as they may be. Both are considered to be paper, but different. Different expressions can create different cultures, or vice versa.

This project celebrates and appreciates the difference. At the same time, the two can also co-exist. From some perspective, you see one characteristic stronger than the other, but as you move around the two become more infused and combined becoming something else. Whatever the difference there may be, the mixing of the two perspectives creates a new and richer expression, a fusion of the two, a good place to be.


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