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Supplementary Figure 1: Pregnancy-related plasticity of gastric vagal afferent signals in mice.

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posted on 2020-10-01, 20:20 authored by Amanda PageAmanda Page, Hui Li, Georgia ClarkeGeorgia Clarke, Stewart ChristieStewart Christie, Stephen KentishStephen Kentish, Sharon Ladyman, Richard Young, Kathryn Gatford
Supplementary Fig. 1: Maternal body weight increased more in dams with larger litters. Body weight of pregnant mice with small (< 7 pups, ●, N = 6), normal (7 - 9 pups, □, N = 20), or large (10 - 11 pups, ■, N = 5) litter sizes are shown during pregnancy, with data for non-pregnant mice (○, N = 12) on age-matched days. Body weight during acclimatization (Acc) represents the average body weight in the last two days of acclimatization. Values are mean ± SEM. * P < 0.05 and ** P <0.01 compared to maternal body weight with a large litter size of 10 -11 pups, litter size effect, linear mixed model and Bonferroni pairwise comparisons.


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