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Supplementary Figure 2: Pregnancy-related plasticity of gastric vagal afferent signals in mice.

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posted on 2020-10-01, 20:21 authored by Hui Li, Georgia ClarkeGeorgia Clarke, Stewart ChristieStewart Christie, Stephen KentishStephen Kentish, Sharon Ladyman, Richard YoungRichard Young, Kathryn Gatford, Amanda PageAmanda Page
Supplementary Fig. 2: Maternal food intake and average meal size during the light phase did not differ with litter size. Food intake (A) and average meal size (B) during the light phase of pregnant mice with small (< 7 pups, ●, N = 6), normal (7 - 9 pups, □, N = 20), or large (10 - 11 pups, ■, N = 5) litter size are shown during pregnancy, with data for non-pregnant mice (○, n = 12) on age-matched days. Food intake and meal size during acclimatization (Acc) represents the average body weight in the last two days of acclimatization. Values are mean ± SEM.


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