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Planning and Design of Public Spaces to Support Ageing Well

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posted on 22.01.2019 by Veronica Soebarto, Helen Barrie, Renuka Visvanathan, Anne Wilson, Lyrian Daniel, Beatriz Martins, Damith Ranasinghe
This is the final report for this project. This project aimed at bringing together existing research strengths at The University of Adelaide in built environment and design; social sciences (geography and population); health (geriatric and gerontology); and computer science (mobile wireless sensing technologies). This is a first step toward a long-term goal to establish a new interdisciplinary research group in ageing well, focused on assisting older people to remain
independent for longer, with quality of life and preferably in their preferred environment.

The specific research was a pilot study to develop and test an interdisciplinary methodology to investigate whether the planning and design of public spaces in Adelaide are appropriate and friendly for older people. Specific methods and research tools have been developed and tested in two types of public spaces, i.e. hospitals and shopping centres in Adelaide, involving 17 participants recruited from the hospital and 45 people recruited at the shopping centres.


University of Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Research Fund