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Communicating about heatwaves: Risk perception, message fatigue, and threat normalisation

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posted on 2019-02-05, 23:00 authored by Scott Hanson-EaseyScott Hanson-Easey, Alana HansenAlana Hansen, Susan WilliamsSusan Williams, Peng BiPeng Bi

This report describes findings from three studies: a survey with the South Australian public (n=416), lay public focus groups and interviews (n=63), and a critical national TV-news analysis (n=22). The studies investigated the following:

· The public perception of heatwave risk and personal vulnerability.

· How heatwave messaging, notwithstanding their source, were accepted and responded to.

· If, and in what way, the phenomenon of ‘message fatigue’ (becoming tired of repeated messages) was impacting heatwave communication.

· How TV-news reported on heatwaves, and the implications for risk communication


This project was funded under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program by the South Australian State Government and the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs (NDRP1517-28)