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Enabling Rural Migrant Settlement: a case study of the Limestone Coast

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posted on 2017-10-12, 03:44 authored by Helen Barrie, Kelly McDougall, Graeme Hugo, George Tan
The aim of this project, funded by the Local Government Association of SA, was to achieve a better understanding of the role local government can play in the successful settlement of new migrants in rural and regional South Australia. Of particular interest to this study were the settlement experiences of immigrants in non-metropolitan areas; which are likely to be different to those of migrants settling in large urban environments. The study concentrates on four non- metropolitan Local Government Areas in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia: Mt Gambier, Grant, Naracoorte-Lucindale and Tatiara. The report provides some background to the role immigration can play in non-metropolitan regions and examines some of the direct and indirect outcomes for local communities and for migrants themselves.


Local Government Association of South Australia