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Population Dynamics in Regional Australia

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posted on 2019-01-22, 02:59 authored by Graeme Hugo, Helen Barrie, George TanGeorge Tan, Kevin W. Harris
This report seeks to understand the contemporary dynamics of population change in Australia’s Regional Development Areas (RDAs). The major factors, key drivers and influences of population change are considered in this report. They include ageing of the Australian population, economic drivers, the role of international and internal migration, temporary migration and environmental and climate change considerations and how they influence the distribution of population across the RDAs. The 2011 Australian Census of Population and Housing is analysed, showing great diversity between regions around national trends. The level of contemporary population growth and the relative contribution of natural increase, international and internal migration and ageing to these trends highlight the diversity across regions. This report shows that non-metropolitan regions are not static, homogeneous and declining but are in fact diverse, dynamic and heterogeneous. Key trends have emerged for
coastal, inland and metropolitan areas experiencing different rates and types of population growth and decline.


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