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LUNCH WITH JENNA ep 51 The Void Screams Back

Version 2 2019-07-31, 02:08
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posted on 2019-07-31, 02:08 authored by Michael AllenMichael Allen, Nicole Allen
This is a recording of a live streamed theatre performance. The third in a trilogy about JENNA BRITTEN, a character that was created from research conducted as part of a PhD in Anthropology of performance studies and theatre at the University of Adelaide.

The performance was broadcast on 20 July, 2019 from Blackwood South Australia.

Riding high on her success, JENNA faces a demon, her self doubt.

Will she buckle or double down?

Who are we kidding… this is JENNA. Stand back, sit down, just get out of the way!

Join us for more good food, good conversation, but this week… it’s questionable company.

And a special announcement at the end of the show…


This week Jenna is joined by two men she regularly engages with plus someone drops in she thought she could trust. But the demands and ‘white noise’ of all the attention get too much. The play changes to an internal one-woman monologue. In a moment of crisis she becomes strong and free; rather than let this moment, this man, intimidate her she will double down and become more defiant with her identity. Returning to the ‘real world’ of the play she acts on her decision and re-establishes her power and authority.

‘LUNCH WITH JENNA’ is a first of its kind interactive online theatre project. Integrating live audience in the room and online, this work heralds in new dramaturgical methods to create theatre for an online audience with stories about online life.

JENNA BRITTEN is the emancipated middle aged woman online. Hers is the journey of the quiet rage of a suburban mum stuck in the structures of domestic conventional heterosexual predetermination When her husband left her she re-invented herself. Now, she lives her life on her terms and is determined to be a beacon of strength to others.


Research Training Stipend