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Stan Golestan Violin Sonata in E flat major for violin and piano 1. Andantino ii. Andante sostenuto iii. Allegro animato

posted on 2019-06-28, 04:25 authored by Elizabeth LaytonElizabeth Layton, Larissa Schneider
Violin Sonata in E flat major by Stan Golestan (1875-1956) in three movements i) Andantino ii) Andante sostenuto iii) Allegro animato. This is the first recording of Golestan's sonata, and is performed by Elizabeth Layton (violin) and Larissa Schneider (piano). Written in 1908, the premiere was given by Georges Enescu, Golestan's mentor, with Maurice Dumesnil at the piano. The sonata represents the intersection of Eastern European and French culture in Paris at the height of the city's artistically fruitful period in the firat decade of the twentieth century. This project is informed by wider research into Enescu's seminal 1921 Bucharest Recital Series.


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