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Coded data from 12 interviews about stakeholder perspectives on involvement processes used by Australian Advisory Committees for health technology funding

The data comprises 12 hour-long semi-structured interviews with representatives of different stakeholders groups involved in health technology funding decisions in Australia. Stakeholders were asked about their perspectives with regard to involvement processes used by Australian Advisory Committees to engage the public and patients and to identify barriers and facilitators to participation. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and iteratively coded using NVivo 10 with two theoretical frameworks i) Rowe and Frewer's framework to analyse the structure of involvement processes and ii) a Foucauldian lens to analyse contextual factors and include marginalised voices.

Includes 12 recordings, 12 transcripts and the coded data in N-Vivo from the 12 transcripts


1004395, (University of Adelaide Projects) Aboriginal Families Study: closing the gap in Indigenous maternal and child health outcomes,