Fleurieu Peninsula wetlands database

This entry describes the data used in David Deane's Master of Philosophy (Sciences) thesis entitled "Quantifying Biodiversity Patterns and Extinction Risk in Seasonal Wetland Plant Communities". Most of the data were made available for research purposes by various state agencies and non-government organisations. Additional data were also collected to augment existing records that were used in one of the analyses. The data consist of four 10 r x 10 c grids of 10m2 collected from the wetland at Stipiturus Conservation Park in May 2015. The main biological dataset that was derived and used in the two publications that were based on Chapters 2 and 4 is published (DOI: 10.4227/05/57156D28991DF) and is archived and available for download from the AeKOS data portal (http://www.aekos.org.au/).