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Household water use statistics from Adelaide Household Water Use Study 2013

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posted on 2017-08-06, 22:48 authored by Mark ThyerMark Thyer, Nicole ArbonNicole Arbon
his collection contains indoor end-use statistics for 140 households in metropolitan Adelaide and the associated demographics and appliance characteristics of the households. The end-use statistics were determined through flow trace analysis of a two week period of high resolution (10s) water usage data representative of winter use. The end-use statistics include the mean and standard deviation for the volume per person per day for each end-use and the relevant characteristics of the end-use: - Shower: Duration (mins), Frequency (events/person/day), Flow rate (L/min), Efficiency (star rating) - Toilet: Flush volume (L), Frequency (events/person/day), Efficiency (e.g. 3L/6L Dual) - Washing Machine: Volume per load (L), Frequency (events/household/week), Type (Front or Top loader) - Dishwasher: Volume per load (L), Frequency (events/household/week) - Tap: Duration (seconds), Frequency (events/person/day), Flow rate (L/min) - Bath: Volume per bath (L), Frequency (events/household/week) The demographics and household characteristics include: - Household occupancy - Age of occupants - Income - Perceived water conservation level This data was collected as part of the research program of the Goyder Institute for Water Research's Optimal Water Mix for Greater Adelaide project.


Optimal Water Resources mix for Metropolitan Adelaide - Grant Number: U2.2