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Hydroclimatology data collected from a variety of third party sources

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posted on 2017-08-07, 00:48 authored by Seth WestraSeth Westra
This collection contains datasets used by the University of Adelaide hydroclimatology group, most of which has been obtained from third-party providers. Data include:
(1) Australian rainfall data (from 20,000 gauges at resolutions down to 5 minutes) from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
(2) Radar data (three-dimensional images from radar) from the Bureau of Meteorology
(3) Climate model data from the Climate Model Intercomparison Project(CMIP) (
(4) Regional climate model outputs from the University of NSW
(5) Australian catchment classifications
(6) Australia-wide data on soil type, etc. (various GIS layers)
(7) Australian Geofabric (Bureau of Meteorology)
(8) Historical cyclone coordinates
(9) Evaporation, pressure, humidity, temperature, sunshine hours
(10) Sea surface temperature data
(11) American hourly rainfall and temperature data

Greater than 1TB of data. Mostly text files and netCDF format.


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