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Occupational exposure to organophosphorus pesticides: Two datasets containing glove performance and skin penetration experimental data, for use in exploratory case studies of factors influencing glove performance and skin penetration

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posted on 2017-07-27, 00:17 authored by Dino PisanielloDino Pisaniello, Ismaniza Ismail
This research comprises two types of data (glove performance studies and skin penetration studies) conducted in the Occupational & Environmental Hygiene Laboratory, The University of Adelaide, Thebarton campus between 2012 and 2015. In the studies, four formulated Organophosphorus Pesticides (OPs) (omethoate, mevinphos, dichlorvos and diazinon) were tested at full strength (concentrated) and application strength (diluted). Experiments were conducted at room temperature and an elevated temperature (37'C for skin studies, 45'C for glove performance studies). For the glove performance studies, the OPs were tested against two brands of elbow length PVC gloves (as unused, with exposure to UV and abrasion) and two types of disposable gloves used by the South Australian Ambulance workers (as individual and in combination), using ASTM permeation test cells. For the skin studies, the OPs were tested by in vitro approach, on donated abdominal human skin using static Franz diffusion cells.

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