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Onkaparinga Catchment Climate Change Modelling

Dataset comprises modelling outputs for the Goyder Climate Change investigation into streamflow in the Onkaparinga catchment. The dataset includes the following: - Catchment average rainfall, potential evapotranspiration and streamflow. - Daily rainfall and PET timeseries at each of the 22 SILO sites (15 GCMs for the historical, rcp 4.5 and rcp 8.5 time series = 45 zipped files. Each zipped file contains 2200 files, comprising 100 simulations for each of the 22 sites) - Daily catchment-average rainfall and PET timeseries (3 catchments, 15 GCMs, for the historical, rcp4.5 and rcp8.5 time series = 135 files) - Daily modelled streamflow timeseries (3 catchments, 15 GCMs, 4 hydrological models, for the historical, rcp4.5 and rcp8.5 time series = 540 files)