The University of Adelaide
I am an expert in morphometrics - the statistical analysis of organismal form (shape and size), which I apply to the study of morphological evolution at macroevolutionary scales. I also use these method to answer questions pertaining to systematics and phylogenetics, biogeography, environmental adaptation, developmental biology and palaeontology. My day-to-day research is computer based and museum based. I used cutting-edge 3D technology, such as X-ray microCT and laser scanning, to get digital anatomical information from museum specimens. Then I take precise measurements on these structures and use statistical analysis to test specific hypotheses. From 2013-2017 I was co-author of the widely used R package 'geomorph' for statistical analysis of multivariate and multidimensional data. I continue to write code for my own research projects and teach workshops in morphometrics. Reptiles and amphibians are my passion,

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