The University of Adelaide

Larissa Arakawa Martins


  • Thermal Personalities of Older People in South Australia: A Personas-Based Approach to Develop Thermal Comfort Guidelines
  • A Multidisciplinary Exploratory Approach for Investigating the Experience of Older Adults Attending Hospital Services
  • Understanding indoor environmental conditions and occupant’s responses in houses of older people
  • A systematic review of personal thermal comfort models
  • A deep learning approach to personal thermal comfort models for an ageing population
  • Developing occupant centric models to better understand the thermal comfort and wellbeing of older Australians
  • The Thermal Environment of Housing and Its Implications for the Health of Older People in South Australia: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • The use of building performance simulation and personas for the development of thermal comfort guidelines for older people in South Australia
  • Personal thermal comfort models: a deep learning approach for predicting older people’s thermal preference
  • Performance evaluation of personal thermal comfort models for older people based on skin temperature, health perception, behavioural and environmental variables

Larissa Arakawa Martins's public data