Theatre of the 4th Dimension

Published on (GMT) by Michael Allen
This is a trilogy of online plays written and conceived for online interactive audiences. The character JENNA BRITTEN was developed from and auto-ethnographic fieldwork process as part of a PhD in Anthropology of performance studies and theatre with the University of Adelaide, The three plays collectively are a source of data and a creative analysis of the research project. This work represents an inquiry into developing thinking, methodology and performance developed from social and community relationships across various manifestations of online, live streamed performance including but not limited to Facebook, Twitch, established theatre companies, streaming services and technology. As such the work is a representation of those social sites and the nature of human meaning created and validated within them. The performances themselves are a creative analysis of experiences and the three plays are individual explorations of performance styles. The narrative follows the journey of JENNA BRITTEN as she emerges from a conventional IRL middle aged housewife experience to a social media influencer and emancipated woman on Instagram. This work is intended to form the foundations of a new genre of theatre which may incorporate emerging technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality.
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