VitiVisor Vineyard Datasets

Published on by Cassandra Collins
VitiVisor Vineyard Datasets is vineyard data collected from 14 different vineyard patches. At each vineyard patch images were collected at key phenological developmental stages and where applicable ground truth measurements were also recorded. Details of the frequency and resolution of data collection are shown in the folder called General Information. Data collected from patches 1 and 2 had greater resolution and sampling frequency than other patches in the first season (2020/21). In the second season (2021/22) patches 1-5 had greater sampling frequency, these additional patches were added to be sampled at higher frequency due to their size and as examples of contrasting management systems. At each site 10 ‘sentinel frames’ were established within the vineyard at locations selected from vineyard visits during pruning 2020 and via multi-season satellite NDVI images to capture vineyard block variation.

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Wine Australia: VitiVisor: An information, prediction and advisory platform for viticulture UA1803-1.5